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Republic Day Niger 2019

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Republic Day is a public holidays in the Republic of Niger.

It is celebrated on December 18.

This national day marks the founding of the republic and creation of the presidency in 1958.

Niger became a republic when it was a French colonial possession.

Following the establishment of the Fifth Republic in France and the introduction of the constitutional changes, the French Union was replaced by the French Community.

France became a federation of states with their own self-government, and Niger was one of them.

On December 18, Niger officially became a semi-autonomous republic within the French Community.

Hamani Diori became president of the country's provisional government.

When Niger achieved full independence from France in 1960, Diori was elected the firstĀ  President of the Republic of Niger.

Since 1958, December 18 has been widely commemorated in Niger as a historic anniversary.

It was officially declared a national holiday in 2005.

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