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Constitution Day Thailand 2019

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Commemorates the promulgation of the first permanent consitution in 1932.

The constitution was to be the ultimate law bringing about a change of the country’s monarchy rule to a constitutional monarchy.

King Prajadhipok agreed to the abolition of absolute monarchy and the transfer of power to the constitution-based system of government.

Two years later, unhappy with some of the results, he decided to abdicate. In his abdication letter dated 2 March 1934, King Prajadhipok said, “I am fully willing to relinquish the powers which previously belonged to me, to the people in general, but I refuse to hand these powers to any specific person or group to exercise them in an absolute way and without listening to the real voice of the people.”

Over the 79 years of democratic administration in Thailand, a number of constitutions have been promulgated and amended in accordance with the evolving needs.  The current Constitution of Thailand is the 18th of its kind, it was promulgated on August 24, 2007 after being voted on in a public referendum. The general provisions of the Constitution confirm the Kingdom as a democratic regime with the King as Head of State. The rights and liberties of the Thai people as recognized by the Constitution are divided into ensuring human dignity, equality of individuals, freedom of expression of individuals, and people’s political participation.


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